Mx. Auri East

Sex/ual/ity Educator & Consultant

Instructional approach

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I am a scientifically-based, shame-reducing, pleasure-positive, and trauma-informed Sex/ual/ity Educator and Consultant. Essentially, that means that I use research--among many other useful tools--to elevate myriad intersectional identities so that participants may develop empathy for the Other and self-acceptance for whoever they themselves are. I present content in terms of what pleasure is possible given one's own gender, body, sexuality, value-system, etc., and I provide space for participants to determine that for themselves. Content, curriculum, and activities are designed for a gradient of engagement so participants may self-determine their experiences--this ensures my workshop space is an as-safe-as-possible learning environment for everyone. It meets them where they are available to learn.

As a Consultant, my values remain the same. I am interested in working with school faculty and administrators, non-profit organizations, and for-profit businesses to help them improve their hiring practices, content/curriculum, internal and external documents, websites, and general culture to ensure gender- and sexuality-diverse students, clients, and employees feel safe and seen. These consultations always include some level of education.




Supervision for Certification (Current)

    • American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists (AASECT)
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Certificate in Sexuality Education

Antioch University Seattle

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BA in Spanish Literature & Arabic Language

    • University of Florida
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Online Workshop Coordinator

    • Teen Talking Circles
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Teaching Fellow Coordinator (Administrator)

    • Alzar School
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AP English & AP Spanish Faculty

    • Alzar School
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For Adults

New Parents and Care-givers of Trans and Gender-Non-Conforming Youth

    • Showing the Care You Have - 2 Hours
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Sexual Development

    • Normitive Sexual Development in Youth, a Talk for Educators - 1 Hour
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Gender Inclusivity in the Outdoors

    • Showing Our Values in the Ways We Guide - 1 Hour
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What Really Is Sex?

    • Demistifying Sex & Centering Pleasure - 2 Hours
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Gender, Sex, & Sexuality

    • Teasing It Apart to Understand Yourself - 3 Hours
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Gender, Sex, & Sexuality in Media

    • A Critical Lens - 4 Hours
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“Auri is a charismatic, emphatic, and deeply caring educator. Auri engaged with our community thoughtfully and effectively, especially in differentiating the message and content for our adult and student communities. Most empowering for our community was expanding our common understanding of the diversity of identities on continuums of gender, sex, and sexuality that increased, not diminished, our community’s ability to genuinely include and make space for difference and expand students' sense of belonging in our school.”

- Christopher Barnes, Head of School at Midland School

“Mx. Auri East’s keen ability to engage their audience and share their expertise is one of the

major reasons why we continue to involve them in our Alzar School programming. We’ll look

forward to welcoming them back in future Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Staff Trainings.”

- Asiah Allen, Director of Student Life, Equity, and Belonging at Alzar School


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Auri was a fantastic facilitator, who helped unpack complex and important topics for our faculty/staff in a comprehensible way that allowed them to better understand (and thus be able to support) the experience of our students. Auri took the time to deeply consider the needs of our organization and worked to create sessions that were suited to our unique context and climate. I wholeheartedly recommend Auri's workshops to other schools/organizations.

- Michael Ervin, Director of Semester Program at Alzar School

Mx. Auri East creates a comfortable environment in which everyone can learn about gender identity, sexuality, and allyship. They make it easy for people to ask any question about a subject many find difficult to talk about. Auri's experience as a teacher and guide compliments their education and research to bring a thoughtful and approachable framework for any group to gain a deeper and clearer understanding.

- Shannon Walton, Executive Director at The Redside Foundation

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Auri’s ability to take something like “the dominant narrative” and break it down into simple yet enlightening exercises was eye opening to this 50-year cisgender male. I sincerely want to create a more inclusive workplace, and Auri’s training was a great step in that direction.

- Dennis Smoldt, General Manager at Arizona Raft Adventures

Auri is an extraordinary facilitator and educator. They have an empathetic and charismatic way of disarming a group and fostering a safe space for discussing complex, challenging topics. Auri's remarkable personability and perceptiveness translates to their work as a facilitator. They considered the needs and nuances of our organization and thoughtfully crafted a reflective workshop to help us unpack and elevate our understanding of gender identity and allyship. The experience was deeply insightful and empowering.

- Van Tran, Education Network Manager at Appalachian Trail Conservancy

About Me

Mx. Auri East is a Sex/ual/ity Educator & Consultant from late Fall through early Spring and a multi-day River Guide the rest of the year.

When not teaching or guiding, Auri is making functional pottery, tiny watercolors, block prints, and sourdough breads. They are almost always trying to be outside.

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Contact Information

I offer in-person and online workshops or consulting from November through March with intermittent availability throughout the rest of the year.

If you have any curiosity, a desire to collaborate, or an interest in hiring me, please reach out. I'd love to talk.